Lesson Programs:

Traditional – $25 – one hour riding lesson riding

Half Weekend – $50 – Saturday or Sunday, 1 hour group lesson & 3 hours group practice

Full Weekend – $90 – Saturday & Sunday, two 1 hour group lessons & 6 hours group practice

Custom – negotiated pricing – available to experienced riders seeking education above the traditional riding lesson level of horsemanship.

Ground School – learning to handle a horse in the round pen, on the lunge line, basic training, trailer loading, and ground driving. Different packages are available spring, summer, and fall.

Summer Camp – $125 per week – June 9 thru August 15 – riding, more riding, community service projects, gardening, nature, weekly educational field trips, and much more.

Day Camp – $150 – one week of participation in our Summer Camp.

Haul In – lessons with/on your own horse.  Regular lesson price plus $5 haul-in fee. Haul-in Fee waived when a Custom Lesson Program is purchased.


Foal thru 3 yr olds – $500 per month includes board – groundwork: halter, lead, feet, back, give to pressure, long lining, ground driving, trailer loading, vet & farrier, groom, no bite/kick/rear, facing horse eating monsters, and carrying tack.  NO in saddle work.

Nurse Mare:

Negotiated pricing with limited availability– our gregarious nurse mares are highly trained riding mares. We use calm, quiet, easy to handle dams that socialize their young and push them toward human interaction. All mares will allow foals to nurse while in tack and with a rider in the saddle.


Full – $500 per month – feed 2x day (warm weather), 3x day cold weather. Daily turn out.

Boarding Extras –

Trailering – $1.10 per mile plus $10 per hour for driver

Holding for Vet or Farrier – $10

Blanketing – $3.00


We Do Not broker or trade.  A few of our NVE show quality horses are usually available for sale. Prices start at $2,500.


Full – $450 per month, on site boarding

Half – $250 per month, on site boarding

Off-Site Boarding – negotiated pricing and facility must be approved by NVE


$5 – In conjunction with lesson

$10 – Not in conjunction with lesson